Jaclyn McKay
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Google – Project Fi

Google – Project Fi

Developing a brand voice for Google's first cellular service.

My Role  ☀   Concepting and design for the Project Fi launch, branding, and marketing site.

Credits  ✏   Made at B-Reel with an awesome team of producers, creatives and animators. Final logo by Google. 


Po-Chen Chia and Anthony Ferrara explored what the logo looked like in 3d space.


I worked on the initial illustration explorations that eventually found their way into the site design. Special thanks to all the animators who put love and care into the site's animated pieces.


We explored many variations of the logo's color, form and shape. Above are a few of my favorite explorations.


Designers at Google designed the final logo. It was terrific to work collaboratively with the teams at Google to launch a groundbreaking new product.