Jaclyn McKay
Design & Fun

MTV – Cover of the Month

MTV – Cover of the Month

Play your favorite song, post it, get claps = get on MTV.

My Role  ☀ Designing a site for musicians to share their passion and get closer to their big break.

Credits  ✏ Made at B-Reel with a chorus of producers, creatives, and developers.

We wanted to create a site that felt not only inline with MTV’s brand direction, but also felt at home in an aspiring musician’s bedroom walls and references zine/re-mix culture.


Users can upload their videos of their covers of the song’s selected single, with winners airing on MTV.


The design was built to be flexible for each month’s artist feature.


We also added in a fun interaction (pre-Medium clapping!) for online fans to positively engage with the talent by virtually clapping.

Creative direction by Irena Milev and Emily Fife. Doodles and animations by Riley Yankowich, Po-Chen Chia and Eddy Nieto.