Jaclyn McKay
Design & Fun

Two Dots - Introducing Gold

Two Dots – Introducing Gold

Refreshing and enhancing the user interface to create space for a special new feature.

My Role  ☀ Refreshing the game’s user interface and illustrating artwork for Two Dots Gold currency.

Credits  ✏ Made at Dots with a precious team of product leads, game designers, developers and animators.

I joined the Two Dots team in early 2018, as the award-winning game neared its fourth birthday. The team wanted to add in an easier way for players to purchase power-ups, extra moves, and other game items. The solution: virtual Gold!


The first task was to create the icon for Gold, which was no easy feat.

Turns out there are a lot of ways to draw a shiny precious item, as seen above.


The team settled on this final Gold coin because it felt most in line with the Two Dots worlds.


In order to add in this new currency, the game’s interface and player flows would need to be updated. My job was to architect and design the new user interface. Lots of research, iteration and testing went into this update.


Players were onboarded to have a clear understanding of how the new currency works.


The game board interface was also updated to accommodate a new power-up purchase flow.

I had a lot of fun making the Gold Shop images as well.