Jaclyn McKay
Design & Fun

Two Dots - Game Mechanics

Two Dots – Game Visuals

Creating fun artwork to delight our players.

My Role  ☀ Creating art for game board mechanics that thematically fit with each new levels release. Two Dots is a puzzle game that is both minimalistic and visually charming. My goal for each mechanic is to honor the lovely map artwork created by Owen Davey, while also creating something that players can easily recognize and adapt to.

Credits  ✏ Made at Dots with a superb team of game designers, developers and animators. Map/background illustrations by Owen Davey, mechanic animation direction by Laura Gatti.


• Lantern Dots

Lantern dots have two states. When an adjacent connection is made, the lantern’s lights will turn on. When an additional adjacent connection is made, the lantern will clear the dots around it in a cross-shape.

•  Moonstones

Moonstones have two hit points. When activated by a player making a square, the moonstone’s gradient will increase in vibrance and begin to glow. When a second square is made, the moonstone will explode in a cross-shape.

• Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles need two hits to clear them. They must be hit from other mechanics explosions, such as gems, moonstones or fireflies.

• Target Tiles

Targets sit behind dots and other mechanics. When a connection is made above a target, the target will pop off and a target objective cleared.