Jaclyn McKay
Design & Fun


Hi! I'm Jaclyn.

I’m a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for applying a traditional graphic design perspective to new technology. Making things pretty, but also functional. 

I love collaborating with other disciplines and leading the design stages of projects.

If you'd like to collaborate, reach out at hello@jaclynmckay.com. 


 ✏ Current

I work at the game studio Dots, on the lovely puzzle adventure game, Two Dots. I work on interface design for new game features, creative concepts, illustration for gameplay and game achievements.

✐ Freelance

I’ve freelanced as a senior designer and art director on a variety of projects, from brand overhauls and comprehensive website design to illustration and animation work.

✎ 2012 - 2017

Before that, I was at B-Reel, working as a lead designer on projects for clients such as Facebook, Google, American Express and MTV, making anything and everything from brand campaigns, product films, style frames for animation, and interactive experiences.


In my spare time I am usually stationed in front of a sushi conveyor belt eating as much ikura as I can.


Digital Design (UX/UI), Art Direction, Visual Design, Branding, Illustration, Style Frames, Creative Concepts, Product Design, Game Art.